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Why do people support a cause?

There are many reasons why people support a cause. These reasons are as diverse as the people who have them. In October of 1987 when Baby Jessica fell down, and became trapped, in a well in Midland, Texas the country paused for 2 ½ days to support the rescue cause. Specialists stopped what they were doing to travel to the site, often from other states, to offer any help they could to support the cause. Families stopped their lives to offer a silent prayer for the cause. Once rescued, people sent money to help with the medical costs of this family they had never met, who somehow touched their heart.

In some cases, the internet has made the ability to rally behind a cause much easier. When a father was stricken with cancer a GoFundMe account was set up by his friends to help with expenses and to provide for the future of his 4 young children.

When a little girl lost her Police Officer father in the line of duty, the entire Precinct (almost) showed up to escort her to her first day of Elementary School.

When a visiting clergyman gives a sermon on the work he is doing in Western Africa helping to build housing, clean water, and schools for those who have nothing, the members of the congregation reach into their pockets and fill the offertory baskets to support this cause.

When a grieving family lost their cherished mother they immediately set up an annual scholarship for a student to attend the religious school at which she devoted her life.

And when a family lost a child to Leukemia, a distraught family begins to make what will be annual donations for Leukemia research in memory of that loved one.

The reasons can be as simple as the good that is in all of us. In Baby Jessica’s case people saw a cause live and in color on their TVs and felt a burning desire to get involved. Whether it was by their professional skills or by their financial support of the family they could do something, or offer something, that would have a tangible effect on someone they have just recently come to know.

In the example of the cancer patient. There was a problem, a potential solution, and a way to spread the word to help solve that problem.

In the example of the Police Officers, it was loyalty. Loyalty to a Brother. An unspoken promise that if you fall, we will take care of your loved ones.

In the example of the clergyman there were multiple forces at play. Some gave due to a religious obligation to help the needy and here were needy. Some gave because they were motivated by a charismatic speaker. And some gave because they knew they were being watched by their fellow parishioners and felt obligated.

In the last two examples the cause was supported due to a sense of honoring their loved one. In each case they picked a cause that would best represent the spirit of their family member.

So, with all the causes and all of the need and all of the demands on the fixed resources of those kind souls how can a small company doing good work get the world to pay attention to their cause and motivate them to give. I believe the motivation is already there. People want to help. People want to do good in the world. They just need help with the how?

G.R.O.W.E.R.S., Inc. has entered its 6th year of providing Education, Employment, and Therapy to adults with developmental disabilities. We do this in a horticultural setting, based in the Greenhouses in Edgerton Park at 75 Cliff St. in New Haven. If you would like to support our cause please log on to www.growersinc.org and click on the Donation page or stop by and see us. Our cause is there, our need is there, the motivation is there, we just need you to take the step and help us to help our participants.

Thank you.

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